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No bake Oreo fudge cake!!!

Want to eat something delicious yet too lazy to get off bed? Here’s the solution for you all Oreo Fudge!

Ingredients – 3 packets of oreo biscuits, 2 packet of hide n seek biscuits, bournvita 3/4th of it’s cap, dry fruits like almonds and cashew ( according to your wish, you can increase, decrease or even avoid it), 4-5 kitkat chocolate, 4-5 your favorite chocolate, 1 cup milk and 1/4th cup milk extra for decorative purpose, and vanilla ice cream (optional).

Procedure – Mix crushed oreos, crushed hide n seek biscuits, dry fruits and bornvita in a bowl. Add milk slowly to it as not to create irregularities. Keep mixing the mixture with milk you can also add water in place of milk. Give it a shape of your choice and keep it in refrigerator to cool down and get little stiff. Now in a pan heat half tablespoon butter and add your favourite chocolate to it and add 1/4th cup milk now mix them well and keep it aside. Now take out the fudge add few scoop of ice cream over it covering the whole thing break the kitkat into pieces and decorate it ovee the ice cream layer. Now take the chocolate syrup mixture and put it over it the design you like. YOU are all set to eat it.!!!! Happy eating!!!!!

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