The dream cafeteria for foodies and readers.. “Vintage Vibes”

Ever wondered if you could sit somewhere with peaceful environment holding a book and a mug of coffee and the smell of freshly made pizza filling up the air. Blissful! Isn’t it? But a cafe that allows you to read eat and enjoy for as long as you want seems little imaginative just a dream or fantasy. Right?

But who knew dreams can come true too! And that too in a wonderful way. I was glad to meet the “Vintage Vibes” cafe team/family who are making this heavenly thought a blissful reality.

Place- Vintage Vibes cafe, Bikaner, (Raj.), India.

The cafe got started a year back in 2019 and has made a huge space in heart of all the food and book lovers. The cafe is owned by a sweet and friendly couple who themselves have a great love for reading.

Ambience – Talking about the ambience of the cafe, it’s pretty peaceful and relaxing with great music floating in the air. This cafe offers three different styled atmosphere for the people. Those who love indoor and cozy type of ambience got space for it, all the outdoor and open cafe lovers can find their spot here too and for people who love reading and eating together! Stress no more you know now where to pay a visit! With a good collection of books of almost every genre, this cafe completely got my heart.

Food – Not just the look but also the extremely delicious and magical taste and smell of the food is the speciality of this cafe. The firewood paneer tikka pizza being their speciality became the favourite and must have dish for all the visitors. The softness of the base with little crunch and the melting cheese makes the heart melt too.

Safety and sanitisation is a must and this cafe completely follows these rules and are concerned with the safety of their customers.

The Vintage Vibes team- I was amazed to see the friendly and sophisticated manner of the team and the way they treat the people. Serving and attending customers is always an underrated yet important thing for a cafe and this cafe got it all. Here’s a picture of the Vintage Vibes family.

A short note from Fantasy foods- “I felt blissful after visiting this cafe. The food, ambience, behavior, serving and almost everything is amazing here. It’s a must visit place for all those who either visit Bikaner or if they are native. Such an amazing concept in a small place like Bikaner has really raised the hopes and expectations and congratulations to all of the team for keeping up with it. Keep up the hard work and I hope you keep touching hearts of all and also making them feel special. Happy eating!

Cumin lemon water

Everyone is enthusiastic to lose weight and detox. Here’s a quick step for both.

Ingredients – Cumin seeds(jeera) 2tbsp, 1 glass water and 1 lemon.

Method – take a pan heat it and add 1 glass water. Add cumin seeds to the it and squeeze one lemon into it. Boil it for 2 minutes. Strain the water into a glass and enjoy it.

Note- don’t add any preserved sugar or flavour into it.

This will not only help you detox and lose weight but will also help you get a beautiful glowing skin.

Healthy eating! Love Fantasy Foods.

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Carrot juice and weight loss

Winters are around and carrots will be soon flooding the vegetable markets. Do you know that carrot juice got a great effect on weight loss?

Yes. Carrot – beetroot juice is well known for increasing haemoglobin levels in our blood but carrot juice is also effective in losing weight. Carrot juice is rich in fibre Due to its high fibre content, even a glass of carrot juice will keep the body stay full for a longer period and thus will stop from binge eating. Over eating doesn’t completely reduces weight so here is another good thing about carrot juice. Carrot juice helps in bile secretion which in turn helps to burn fat and thus plays an important role in weight loss. But some of you might want to add little taste to it. So let me help you make your weight loss journey a bit tasty.

Here’s the trick- Add half apple, one orange and a small piece of ginger to your carrot juice and see the magic. Do let me know your views. Healthy eating!

Love, Fantasy foods.

Image courtesy – TOI

Kitchen – cure for all

Do you know that each and every ingredients whether spices, vegetables, fruits etc available in a kitchen got there own medicinal uses? Do you know different food items can cure different illnesses? Let’s find out together.

YES it’s true that every ingredient in kitchen is a remedy for one or other health issues. Whether we talk about hot turmeric milk to boost our immunity or we talk about applying turmeric on skin for beauty benefits. Every ingredient is having it’s own value. If we talk about fruits almost everyone of us know about various benefits from helping in heart issue(apple and papaya) to cancer(dragon fruit) , from curing diabetes (java plum and it’s leaves) to increasing haemoglobin (pomegranate and beetroot) or platelets (Kiwifruit). From treating insomnia (2 bananas at night) to anti ageing, eye health and aiding digestion (papaya) there are several more. And who doesn’t know greatness of vegetables specially those of green vegetables.

Other than fruits and vegetables spices and herbs have great health benefits like Cinnamon to Lower Blood Sugar. Turmeric to Fight Inflammation. Ginger to Relieve Nausea. Garlic to Boost Heart Health. Cayenne to Ease Pain and many more.

Beauty benefits are also very prominent of these ingredients. Rice water for a glowing skin, rose water as a toner, aloe vera gel for treating pimples and softening hairs. Egg for hairs and also providing protein. Honey and rose water for a flawless skin. There are a huge number of home remedies available on Internet. So next time you know what to do for a better skin other than cosmetic applications.

Small beauty tip – Take 1 spoon coffee powder, 2 spoon gram flour, 2 spoon curd and 3-4 drops of lemon juice (fresh) mix these without lumps and apply for 20 min. See the magic. And do let me know your views in comments or you can mail me too! Thanks love Fantasy foods

Pic credit – Canopy Health

Food, energy absorption, happiness and success

Have you ever noticed that if you are happy and cook food the taste of the food becomes so much better? Or have you ever been angry and cooked the food suddenly tastes lacking? Why does this happen? Let’s find out!

As we know water absorbs energy fron surrounding and causes effects accordingly, food also absorbs the energy specially while cooking. Our moods fluctuates the frequency and Aura surrounding us which the food captures and reflects in taste and nature. In old Indian tales and in traditional houses of India this idea is very prominent. They don’t cook food in a bad mood and try chanting hymns of God in order to bring happiness and bliss to the food. They believe saying good things while cooking not only makes food taste better but also brings joy and enlightenment to the eaters. Many times when we are angry our mothers prepare food with more love and after eating it we completely forget about the anger. Not only while cooking but also if the food is kept near and we talk about good things the food absorb it too.

Now the question arises if food absorbs energy can our life change if we change our way of cooking and eating it? The answer is YES. Life depends on our efforts as well as the energy we get. If you work hard but always feel you are not achieving anything then try changing the way you perceive things and the way you eat and cook. Food if prepared with motivational music, happy music, devotional or meditation based music or healing music can definitely affect your life and bring you more happiness abd success.

A small challenge – I have a small challenge for all my dear readers. Try cooking food in a happy mood and with joyful or peaceful music for 21 days. And while eating try not to watch television or mobile instead hear some good music and talk about happy things. After 21 days see the beautiful change that will occur in your life and if possible do let me know about it too. You can share your views in the comments below or can email me on

Happy eating! Love Fantasy Foods

Diet- fasting or regulating?

Fitness is one such aspect that is way more essential than it appears. Everyone wants to look good as a runway model. But how can you be one? Exercise is surely a way but it takes a lot of time. DIET a quick and effective way with exercise to get the body of your dreams.

People fall prey for the myth that dieting is equal to fasting or eating way less than normal. But if not fasting what exactly does diet means? Here’s the answer for your question. Diet means eating healthy and a balanced diet. You need to keep a track and regulate your diet by fulfilling each necessity of nutrients required on daily basis. There is a term called BMI used for a parameter which tells you the correct proportion of each. Easiest way to find daily requirement for your body is to either consult a dietician or search on Google and find what’s correct according to your height and weight. There are few health related apps available too, search for a more reliable one.

So next time when you think of dieting go for a balanced diet instead of fasting. Happy eating! Healthy eating! Do let me know your views.

Love Fantasy foods.

Diet and health

The world of Espresso

COFFEE has always been a delight and a feeling. Coffee lovers and admirers have always spoken about the dreamy taste and powerfully pleasant aroma of it. But have you ever thought that there is much more to coffee than it’s taste and aroma?

Yes am talking about it’s unspoken and amazing benefits! Well Espresso (Black Coffee) is one form of coffee with a different level of fan base. Espresso may sound bitter in taste for many but is actually used for many purposes. Let’s talk about four such purposes:

1. Espresso as a cure for cough/cold/fever- Do you know that drinking Espresso can cure a long term cough, cold and fever more faster than medicines? 1 cup of Espresso twice a day for 2-3 days can provide relief from these.

2. Espresso as energy drink- Espresso can be used as energy drink before exercising as it gives instant boost to our body and fills us with power.

3. Espresso and heart relation – It is said that people with emotional weakness and anxiety or depression problems should drink 1 cup of Espresso daily. It is good to relive stress and even improves our heart.

4. Espresso, my exam time companion – Are you one of the students who like to study just before exam specially during night time? Or are you a night owl? Espresso is your one partner who keeps you awake in night. Now don’t fear falling asleep during preparation, Espresso will help you stay awake and study with energy.

But remember anything taken in excess is harmful. Comment down below and let me know your views. Fantasy foods.

The red hot Maggi

Almost every one is a fan of Maggi in some or the other way. It is the beloved food for the hostel students in India. There are many different recipes for making Maggi. Let’s try this new one to completely change the taste of Maggi.

For all spicy food lovers here is the recipe for you all. Let’s see

Ingredients : 1 packet of Maggi, 1 packet of smith and jones pasta masala, 2-3 finely chopped cloves of garlic, 1 small green chilli chopped, 1 small sized chopped onion, 1 finely chopped tomato (medium size), 1 teaspoon of red chilli powder, 1&1/2 teaspoon of coriander powder, 1/4th teaspoon of turmeric powder, salt according to taste, water, 3 tablespoon vegetable oil.

Let’s get started with procedure :- Add vegetable oil (you can use other oil as well) in a pan and heat it till the oil is ready. Add finely chopped garlic, onion and green chilli to it on a medium flame. Cook them till the onions become golden in colour. Now take a small bowl add red chilli powder, turmeric powder, coriander powder, and salt in it and add half cup of water to it. Now mix it well without any lumps and add the spice mixture to the pan having the vegetables. Stir it well and increase the flame. Let the spice mixture cook well (till it form web or net like structure), add half cup of water to it to ensure the mixture doesn’t burn. Now add Maggi masala packet (present in Maggi packet), and Smith and Jones pasta masala to it. Stir it well and in case of excess density add a cup of water to it. Now add finely chopped tomato to it and let it set for a while. Take another pan and add 3-4 cups of water to it let it boil then add Maggi cake(crushed or direct depends on your choice) in it. Boil the Maggi cake in the water till it is 75% ready. Now drain the water and add the 75% cooked Maggi noodles to the pan with the gravy. Now mix it well and cook it for another 2-3 minutes till the Maggi noodles are ready. Serve this extremely spicy and delicious Maggi and enjoy it with your favourite beverage.

Do comment and tell me your experience with “The red hot Maggi” with love Fantasy Foods

Healthy Weeknight Meals

Cooking can sometimes feel like a chore at the end of a busy day. It’s often tempting to throw a ready meal in the oven or call for take out. But preparing a simple and healthy family meal doesn’t have to be hard or time-consuming. Here are some quick wholesome dishes that you and your family will love. They can even be prepared in advance.