Diet- fasting or regulating?

Fitness is one such aspect that is way more essential than it appears. Everyone wants to look good as a runway model. But how can you be one? Exercise is surely a way but it takes a lot of time. DIET a quick and effective way with exercise to get the body of your dreams.

People fall prey for the myth that dieting is equal to fasting or eating way less than normal. But if not fasting what exactly does diet means? Here’s the answer for your question. Diet means eating healthy and a balanced diet. You need to keep a track and regulate your diet by fulfilling each necessity of nutrients required on daily basis. There is a term called BMI used for a parameter which tells you the correct proportion of each. Easiest way to find daily requirement for your body is to either consult a dietician or search on Google and find what’s correct according to your height and weight. There are few health related apps available too, search for a more reliable one.

So next time when you think of dieting go for a balanced diet instead of fasting. Happy eating! Healthy eating! Do let me know your views.

Love Fantasy foods.

Diet and health

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