The world of Espresso

COFFEE has always been a delight and a feeling. Coffee lovers and admirers have always spoken about the dreamy taste and powerfully pleasant aroma of it. But have you ever thought that there is much more to coffee than it’s taste and aroma?

Yes am talking about it’s unspoken and amazing benefits! Well Espresso (Black Coffee) is one form of coffee with a different level of fan base. Espresso may sound bitter in taste for many but is actually used for many purposes. Let’s talk about four such purposes:

1. Espresso as a cure for cough/cold/fever- Do you know that drinking Espresso can cure a long term cough, cold and fever more faster than medicines? 1 cup of Espresso twice a day for 2-3 days can provide relief from these.

2. Espresso as energy drink- Espresso can be used as energy drink before exercising as it gives instant boost to our body and fills us with power.

3. Espresso and heart relation – It is said that people with emotional weakness and anxiety or depression problems should drink 1 cup of Espresso daily. It is good to relive stress and even improves our heart.

4. Espresso, my exam time companion – Are you one of the students who like to study just before exam specially during night time? Or are you a night owl? Espresso is your one partner who keeps you awake in night. Now don’t fear falling asleep during preparation, Espresso will help you stay awake and study with energy.

But remember anything taken in excess is harmful. Comment down below and let me know your views. Fantasy foods.

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