The dream cafeteria for foodies and readers.. “Vintage Vibes”

Ever wondered if you could sit somewhere with peaceful environment holding a book and a mug of coffee and the smell of freshly made pizza filling up the air. Blissful! Isn’t it? But a cafe that allows you to read eat and enjoy for as long as you want seems little imaginative just a dream or fantasy. Right?

But who knew dreams can come true too! And that too in a wonderful way. I was glad to meet the “Vintage Vibes” cafe team/family who are making this heavenly thought a blissful reality.

Place- Vintage Vibes cafe, Bikaner, (Raj.), India.

The cafe got started a year back in 2019 and has made a huge space in heart of all the food and book lovers. The cafe is owned by a sweet and friendly couple who themselves have a great love for reading.

Ambience – Talking about the ambience of the cafe, it’s pretty peaceful and relaxing with great music floating in the air. This cafe offers three different styled atmosphere for the people. Those who love indoor and cozy type of ambience got space for it, all the outdoor and open cafe lovers can find their spot here too and for people who love reading and eating together! Stress no more you know now where to pay a visit! With a good collection of books of almost every genre, this cafe completely got my heart.

Food – Not just the look but also the extremely delicious and magical taste and smell of the food is the speciality of this cafe. The firewood paneer tikka pizza being their speciality became the favourite and must have dish for all the visitors. The softness of the base with little crunch and the melting cheese makes the heart melt too.

Safety and sanitisation is a must and this cafe completely follows these rules and are concerned with the safety of their customers.

The Vintage Vibes team- I was amazed to see the friendly and sophisticated manner of the team and the way they treat the people. Serving and attending customers is always an underrated yet important thing for a cafe and this cafe got it all. Here’s a picture of the Vintage Vibes family.

A short note from Fantasy foods- “I felt blissful after visiting this cafe. The food, ambience, behavior, serving and almost everything is amazing here. It’s a must visit place for all those who either visit Bikaner or if they are native. Such an amazing concept in a small place like Bikaner has really raised the hopes and expectations and congratulations to all of the team for keeping up with it. Keep up the hard work and I hope you keep touching hearts of all and also making them feel special. Happy eating!

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